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allowing you to take advantage of these important benefits below.

Your Trading Portfolio Is Safe With Us

We’ve managed to develop a new standard of trading innovation trough out the years. However, technology alone is incomplete when it’s not backed with credibility  and stability . From the day of its establishment, INDEX-REVIEW.COM has been taking all required measures to insure our traders safety ,security  and high standards according to the law strict rules and requirements .  Our traders can enjoy our safe and secured trading conditions:

Cost Effective Online Investing

INDEX-REVIEW.COM is a streamlined online brokerage that operates with a high tech infrastructure and minimal overheads. Put simply, the cost of doing business is considerably cheaper for us than for an old fashioned broker. We pass these savings onto our clients and offer a highly competitive trading package. All trading is commission free, with low fixed spreads and no hidden fees or charges. management and ent

Leveraged Trading

All INDEX-REVIEW.COM traders can access up to x200 leverage. As long as you maintain an adequate margin reserve in your account, you can multiply the value of any investment with a single click – and potentially increase you profits proportionally.

Freedom And Flexibility

The INDEX-REVIEW.COM trading platform allows sophisticated investments within a simple structure. You can manage multiple trades simultaneously, perform real time analysis and rapidly exploit changing market conditions. As a CFD trader you can potentially profit from both bullish and bearish market conditions. Your trading is backed up by transparent account management combined with dynamic trading tools, risk management and entry orders.


One-click execution gives you the ability to rapidly respond to a changing market environment. Sudden opportunities can be exploited with our one-click trading tool, allowing you to open and close positions instantaneously.

In addition, we’re dedicated to negative balance protection, real-time margin protection, complete
account transparency, expert risk management tools, awards and rewards terms and more.

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